Utility and Maintenance Engineer

Job Title: – Maintenance & Projects Engineer
Qualification: – B.E Mechanical/ Diploma mechanical

Profile Summary:

Responsible for the day-to-day supervision of maintenance management of the divisions to ensure that all utility facilities and systems are operated and maintained efficiently and in accordance with federal, state and local standards and regulations,
factory acts and in a manner which protects and preserves the environment.

Job Responsibilities

1. Experience in project dept
2. Knowledge about preventive documents, Qualification documents and SOPs
3. Day to Day maintenance activity.
4. Responsible for smooth supply of all kind of utilities to plant like power, water, steam, compressed air, chilled water, hot water, DM water, soft water, Boiler feed water, brine, cooling water, drinking water etc.
5. Smooth operation of all utility machineries like boiler, chilling plant, hot water generation system, DM plan, RO plant, soft water Plant, Brine Plant, Cooling Tower & DG set.
6. Ensuring discipline in department.
7. Ensure safety and safe working environment in Utility department.
8. Responsible for complying govt norms regarding annual boiler inspection.
9. Manages division personnel to ensure that all water facilities are operated, repaired and maintained efficiently and effectively and in a manner to comply with all govt. standards.
10. Develops, recommends, implements and updates standard operating procedures to economize operations in the repair and maintenance of facilities while increasing productivity.
11. Develops, recommends and implements procedures to increase productivity and efficiency of personnel and utility facilities.
12. Monitors utilities services like AMC contracts to ensure compliance and effective performance.
13. Conducts studies and oversees the implementation of mandated environmental reports such as water audits, leak detection surveys and water quality reports.
14. Recommends and oversees the implementation of the water facilities and systems.
15. Responsible the proper stock level of fuel, water and other consumable pertaining to utility
16. Coordinates the modification and improvement of facilities and systems to increase efficiency while reducing operating costs.
17. Oversees loss control and prevention, safety programs, and organizational training and cross-training to increase technical skills and knowledge to result in increased productivity and performance.
18. Ensures that concern department complaints related to utility/ETP are resolved quickly and effectively.
19. Manages budget expenditures to ensure cost control.
20. Prepare, Reviews, verifies and submits reports regarding, water, fuel and other Govt. compliance reports to appropriate regulatory Govt. agencies and departments on a timely basis.
21. Reviews plans and technical specifications for water facilities and system’s expansion and modification.
22. Monitoring of all sort of log sheets pertaining to utility equipment.
23. Responsible for checking of boiler fuel oil quality.
24. Responsible for maintaining water to fuel ratio in boiler operation.
25. To ensure quality of cooling tower water quality.
26. Responsible for 100% insulation in hot water, steam water, chill water pipe line and machinery etc.
27. Responsible for implementation of Preventive maintenance schedule & reporting of the same.
28. Responsible for safe keeping of all material, equipment

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